Falcon World Tour, 2 Hours Tour


Meet the majestic falcons of Abu Dhabi’s Falcon Hospital to learn the history of falconry as well as the life of falcons in modern times. Hold a falcon and visit a free-flight aviary to see them swoop through the sky.


  • Visit Abu Dhabi's unique falcon hospital and falconry museum
  • Watch a falcon getting a pedicure!
  • See falcons in majestic free flight in a free-flight aviary
  • Get a souvenir photo of a falcon on your arm

Product Options

Standard Option  
Live guide: English  
Duration: 2 hours

This unique 2-hours tour offers a rare opportunity to see falcons up close and a chance to gain a deep insight into the world of the majestic birds. You will learn the history of falconry and discover how falcons live today.

The hospital is centrally located in Abu Dhabi, close to the international airport, and has taken care of more than 42,000 falcons since it opened in 1999. In 2007 it opened its doors to visitors and you will come closer to falcons than you ever thought possible.

You will get to visit the unique falconry museum where you can learn the traditional heritage of falconry and explore displays of special falconry tools and equipment.

Move on to the examination room to see the precious birds undergoing feather repair and pedicures! Discover the hard work that goes into nursing falcons.

At the hospital’s large free-flight aviary, you will see the falcons flying free, but the highlight of the tour is the extraordinary opportunity to have a majestic falcon sit on your arm in the beautiful hospital gardens and to get a souvenir photograph of the experience.

Additional Information

We are located very close (approximately 6 kilometers) from Abu Dhabi International Airport. Taxis are available from all parts of the city as well as all hotels.

Note: No refreshments and transportation.