Clinical Services

Service Overview

Our Pet Care Hospital provides a full range of preventive, routine and advanced services such as:

  • Consultations and health check ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming and anti-parasite treatment
  • Treatment of general medical problems
  • Specialized treatment of skin and eye diseases
  • Specialized surgical procedures including soft tissue surgeries and orthopedics
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Specialized dental treatment
  • Nutritional and behavioral advice
  • Full range of high quality and dietetic pet food
  • Pet relocation and transport
  • Pick-up and drop-off service for pets
  • Fully specialized laboratory for all pet tests including blood test, urine and fecal tests and microbiological cultures as well as virus tests
  • Highly competitive prices for the full service range
  • Online booking, e-services and e-payments for appointments and boarding available
Clinical Examination and Internal Medicine

Our specialists examine your pet to determine its status of health. We recommend a half yearly or yearly routine examination of every pet to detect diseases at an early stage or to ensure that the pet is perfectly healthy. Moreover, we take care of your pet in case of diseases or any kind of reduced wellbeing. This might include X-rays, laboratory tests etc. Not only humans, but also pets can suffer from disease of internal organs. With the help of our extensive laboratory we can diagnose and treat internal diseases of your pet.


Vaccinations help your dogs and cats to be protected against harmful viruses and bacteria.

We vaccinate your dogs and cats from the age of 8-9 weeks. This vaccination needs to be repeated after another 3 to 4 weeks to reach a safe level of protection. The vaccination needs to be repeated once per year to protect your pet. All vaccinations are recorded in the vaccination book of your pet for future reference.

Dogs are Vaccinated Against:

1. Canine Distemper

  • Hepatitis
  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parainfluenza

2. Rabies

3. KennelCough

Cats are Vaccinated Against:

1. Cat flu (calicivirus, rhinotracheitis)

2. FelineLeukemia

3. Felinepanleukaemia (Cat enteritis)

4. Rabies


ADFH Pet Care Hospital recommends microchipping all pets as this enables us to find lost pets and return them back to their owners.

We insert the microchips under the skin of your pet as a unique means of identification. This microchip has a 15 digit number that can be read with a special reading device only. This procedure is not painful for your pet and takes only one second. Moreover, it helps to identify your pet if it should escape or be stolen. For relocation to countries abroad, microchips must be implanted in order to fulfil the necessary transportation requirements.

Deworming/External Parasites

Pets can suffer from internal parasites like worms and external parasites like fleas or mites. A routine deworming is mandatory for puppies and kitten but also for older dogs and cats. We help you to keep your pet free of parasites. External parasites can lead not only to scratching but also skin damage and even deeper wounds. Our veterinary specialists have extensive experience with a wide range of parasitic skin diseases.


Skin problems and diseases are on the rise. We see an increasing number of pets with skin problems, allergies, dermal infections and hair loss. Just looking at the skin is not enough. Our experienced veterinarians conduct complete skin examinations with support of our laboratory. In case of allergic or idiopathic reactions, our Pet Care Center offers special dietary food for pets with skin conditions to support the skin healing process,

Specialised Dental Center

As dogs and cats suffer frequently from dental problems like tartar, gingivitis or even inflamed tooth roots, they might experience great pain. In cats, behavioural problems have been associated to toothache like inacceptance when touching the cat’s head or even aggressive behaviour. We help you dog and cat to life a pain free and happy life through our advanced methods in dental care.


Apart from conservative medicine, our Pet Clinic offers your pet homeopathic remedies and medicines. Your dog is suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis and no cure helped it so far? Then try homeopathy! The results of the homeopathic treatment can be amazing. In the same time, it is a very gentle treatment without side-effects. However, a fist-time deterioration of the condition can happen which is a good sign that the medicine works well

Laboratory tests

Ourpet section of the ADFH Laboratory is a highly specialised laboratory with various departments. Therefore we are able to serve our customers with the fastest and most advanced tests. For most tests like checking for worms or blood test, owners can wait for the test result. For the full range of our laboratory test read more