November 25, 2009

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital received the “Diamond Eye Award for quality commitment & Excellence”

Category : General

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has been awarded the “Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment & Excellence” by “OMAC” – Otherways Management Association Club – Paris. The award was presented on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November 2009 at Crowne Plaza – St. Peter’s Hotel, Rome, Italy with the participation of Commercial Authorities, and accredited members of the Diplomatic Corps. “Quality Summit The Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment and Excellence” was presented to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital for its corporate achievements, prestige, innovation, quality commitments and excellence in its tourism program. A voting process was carried out by mail, internet and within awarded companies based on the following concepts: Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Continuing and Education and trading, Business Results, ISO 9002-14001, TQM and TQCS (Total Quality Management and Top Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards). In addition to the voting process, Association Otherways Management & Consulting - France gathered information through consultation of the media (press, radio & television), consultancy companies, advertising agencies, trade fairs and exhibits, Chambers of Commerce, embassies, polls, including the online macro poll, which was analyzed by The Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment & Excellence Selection Committee, which took the final decision to select the annual awardees.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital received the prestigious trophy of the “Diamond Eye Award For Quality Commitment and Excellence” and a certificate of the “Total Quality Management Aptitude Seal For High Quality Performnce & Best Customer Satisfacton”.

This is yet another achievement of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital in its field.