Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To maintain and conserve falcons’ health and tradition and to become the leading center for animal health and welfare in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Our Mission

To protect, conserve, research and promote captive-bred and wild falcon’s health, wildlife and falconry tradition. To lead efforts of Abu Dhabi government to improve and protect animal welfare and to increase awareness and responsibility of people for animal welfare as leading center for animal healthcare and welfare in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

  • To protect falcon’s health by introducing high tech treatment and to support actively falcon conservation through rehabilitation and breeding.
  • To research falcon diseases and to increase release falcon research.
  • To lead awareness of falcon treatment in the world and to increase the knowledge of falcons’ husbandry and medicine worldwide through publications and internship programs.
  • To become the leading center for animal medicine and welfare in Abu Dhabi Emirate and to increase responsible handling of animals by people through education, awareness and adoption.
  • To become the leading healthcare service provide for pets in Abu Dhabi.
  • To maintain its position as one of the best places to visit for tourism in Abu Dhabi.


Last Updated on 01 October 2018  


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