Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter Participates at ADIHEX 2019

01 Sep 2019 | ADFH News

It was an exciting week for Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital as the largest exhibition for hunting, equestrian and heritage conservation is back at ADNEC… ADIHEX! It is one of the much awaited events of the year and ADFH, supported this year’s government initiative that aims primarily to promote Sustainable Hunting, Environmental and Cultural heritage.

In addition to this, the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, managed by ADFH, had also participated in the exhibit by promoting adoption of dogs and cats in need of loving homes. Many of the featured dogs and cats at the exhibit found loving and caring families.

These methods lead efforts of Abu Dhabi government to improve and protect animal welfare and to increase awareness and responsibility of people for animal welfare in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

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