Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Wins 2019 Experts' Choice Award

20 Feb 2019 | ADFH News

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is among the recipients of the 2019 Experts’ Choice Award, TripExpert announced today.

Experts’ Choice Awards, now in their fourth year, reflect the consensus of journalists and other professional travel writers. More than 1.5 million reviews were taken into account in determining the winners of the 2019 awards. Worldwide, less than 2% of attractions are receiving the award. With recommendations from publications including Lonely Planet and Atlas Obscura, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is currently one of the best rated attractions in Abu Dhabi on TripExpert.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has also won TripExpert's Best of Abu Dhabi award. According to expert reviewers, it is among the top attractions in Abu Dhabi.  [Read More ]

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