ADFH Wins Middle East’s Responsible Tourism Award For The Fifth Consecutive Time

29 Oct 2017 | ADFH News

It was a grand day at the lovely Armani Hotel in Dubai last Sunday, 29 October 2017 as Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (ADFH) took home its fifth consecutive win for Middle East’s Responsible Tourism Award at the esteemed World Travel Awards 2017! 

Commitment to excellence is the most significant factor that makes ADFH continuously win the prestigious title of Middle East’s Responsible Tourism Award. The ADFH team has made vast efforts to make sure to deliver the best and consistently high performance to keep the hospital a world leader in responsible tourism and in honor of the Abu Dhabi Emirate tourism vision. Clearly, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital not only shines within the medical field but within the tourism industry as well as by being the best and most responsible tourism attraction in the Middle East for five consecutive years.

Being one of the top tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi, the Falcon World Tour highlights the falconry tradition in Abu Dhabi and its importance here in UAE even in these modern times and the guests are also shown what is happening inside the largest and finest falcon hospital in the world. This exceptional tour allow the guests to witness the brilliance of the hospital’s medical practice and provides them a better understanding of the fascinating culture, tradition and the love for nature that is deeply rooted in the Emiratis...     



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