Avian/ Poultry Laboratory Service

Parasitology services include testing through direct smear (Fecal and crop samples), identification of ova and parasites and fecal floatation.

The lab detects microscopic fungal filaments long before the clinical symptoms occur from samples obtained by methods such as the Endoscopy (Air sac) or by gentle scrapings. In addition to detection of fungal filaments, various infections and yeast infestations can also be detected.

Our Hematology Lab provides diagnosis of all blood samples and blood diseases. This laboratory method provides a profound support for the veterinarian to diagnose and monitor infections, anemia as well as helps in monitoring blood loss or decreased production of the various cells required by the body.

The clinical Chemistry Lab incorporates a variety of diagnostic methodologies for assessment of electrolyte balance, cardiac, renal, liver, and muscle function using automated biochemistry analyzer to provide the physician with the clinically useful information required to diagnose, differentiate and monitor the patient’s clinical state.

The Molecular Biology Laboratory performs molecular testing on a variety of sample types like blood, fecal,tissues and swabs over a wide range of diseases using RT-PCR and conventional PCR techniques. It has become one of the most important tools in molecular diagnostics providing exquisite sensitivity and specificity for the detection of nucleic acid targets.

In the Immunology lab, we analyse samples like C-reactive protein and Rheumatoid factor.Rapid test for detection of antigen and antibodies are performed.

Our Microbiology Lab is able to offer clients the full range of high quality microbiology services from routine cultures and antibiotic sensitivities to identification of microorganisms using automated API machine that compares reactions of each test organism to a large database to give proper identification. The department is actively involved in infection control activities. We receive a variety of specimens such as blood, crop swabs, fecal samples and other miscellaneous specimens like facility screening.

Infection Control services include thescreening and detection of epidemiologically significant organisms.

The Virology diagnostic laboratory analyzes samples from birds suspected of having a viral disease for a variety of viruses using ELISA or PCR techniques.

For a highly precise diagnosis of pathological changes in avians/pets organs and tissues, histopathology is the method of choice. Moreover, it provides the possibility to identify tumors and organ diseases like liver disease.

Histopathology services include examinations for organ tissues, biopsy samples and oncology.

For more information, please download the list of avian and poultry laboratory tests.

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