Guidelines for Sample Submission

Samples to be tested in Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Laboratory must be submitted at the reception desk along with duly filled laboratory submission form. All the below mentioned fields must be mandatorily filled in the laboratory submission form

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  • Sample Collection Date
  • Owner’s name
  • Sender’s name
  • Sender’s organization
  • Sender’s email and mobile number
  • Animal species
  • Animal ID
  • History (acute or chronic outbreak, mortality, clinical signs, vaccination, treatment etc. Please include relevant details in case of samples submitted for histopathology such as clinical details or gross pathology of samples at the time of autopsy)
  • Specimen details
  • Tests required


Please find the laboratory service list for more details on sample collection, transportation requirements and turnaround times for each test.

All samples must be submitted to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection. The specimen containers must be labelled properly with animal ID and specimen type. Ice packs can be used to maintain temperature during sample transportation.

Kindly collect samples for bacteriological analysis in transport media such as Amies swab in order to maintain the viability of microorganisms. Samples sent in dry swabs for bacteriological analysis will be rejected.

Swabs for molecular detection of viruses by PCR method must be submitted in viral transport media to maintain sample stability.

Each specimen must be submitted in clearly labelled individual containers with 10 % formalin (1:20 sample to formalin ratio) for histopathological analysis.

Specimen retention document clearly states the time period for which the sample will be retained in the laboratory if no specific requests are made at the time of submission for longer sample retention.

Please note that if the sample received does not satisfy the conditions and requirements for testing as specified in the above list, the sample can be rejected. The sender will be notified via phone or email with regard to sample rejection.



Last Updated on 23 April 2020  






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