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ADFH has an online tour booking portal that enables visitors to book tours from the convenience in their homes. Both tour packages can be chosen. Only available dates will open in the online booking. Bookings can be well in advance to reserve a place. Payment can be done through our e-payment portal. Please note that e-payments cannot be refunded in case of not showing up for the booked tour.

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Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Tour, 3 Hours Tour

Meet the majestic falcons of Abu Dhabi’s Falcon Hospital to learn the history of falconry as well as the life of falcons in modern times. Hold a falcon and visit a free-flight aviary to see them swoop through the sky.

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Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Tour, 3 Hours Tour

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Language : English
  • Location : Abu Dhabi
  • Lunch
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