Tours for School / Colleges / Universities

ADFH offers comprehensive and interactive educational tours for public and private school classes as well as college and university students in English and Arabic language. They include in-depth information to learn about the Emirati culture of falconry as well as the life of falcons in modern times. The second part of this visit includes a visit to the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter to learn about animal welfare in Abu Dhabi Emirate and proper caretaking of cats and dogs.

The visit shall encourage the young generation to specialize in the veterinary field, biology and animal welfare.

For any enquiry & Booking kindly send email to info@adfh.ae


  • • Visit Abu Dhabi's unique falcon hospital and falconry museum

  • • Learn about falcons in the old and modern times

  • • Take a photo of a falcon on your arm

  • • Visit the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter

  • • Learn about animal welfare

  • • Play and interact with lovely cats and dogs

Getting Here

We are located very close (approximately 6 kilometers) from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Taxis are available from all parts of the city as well as all hotels.

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