• Nov 25 2018

    ADFH Tourism

    Thank you so much for your help - the tour was very interesting and we liked it very much -

    Thanks also to Hassan and we have appreciated the clear explanations he provided and learnt a lot about falcons -


    We go back to France with so many wonderful memories.

    Françoise Malbran & Erick Goyvaerts

  • Sep 11 2018

    Pet Care Center

    Congratulations my dog Bentley and cats Bob and Bibi always get looked after very well by you guys ! Much appreciated thank you

    Josie Jackson

  • Aug 05 2018


    we joined a tour through your impressive clinic a few days ago and being back home I didn’t wanna miss the chance to tell you that we had a great time! We loved the insights given by the friendly employees. We especially wanted to point out the gentleman who was our guide that day. Unfortunately I don’t remember his name but he was doing such an awesome job and obviously with all his heart thatmade this experience even more special. Thanks to all of you for this very special event!

    Barbara Bruns

  • Aug 05 2018


    I really enjoyed my experience at ADFH. The course was a fabulous opportunity to learn more about laboratory work and broaden my knowledge of parasitology, haematology and biochemistry. All staff were friendly and extremely helpful. The internship was amazing hands on experience.

    Jim Stockley (Biological Sciences student in University of Oxford)

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