Leisure Tourism – Falcon World Tour

Our leisure tourism program offers the “Falcon World Tour” which is an exciting and unique guided tour.

The guided tours are held in English language. Other languages such as Arabic, French and German can be arranged on request. Other languages e.g. Spanish, Chinese can be arranged upon request for an additional charge. We conduct our tours daily (except Friday, Saturday and public holidays).


Tour Timings

Sunday – Thursday: 10.00 AM and 2.00 PM

Saturday ( from October 1st to May 31 , except public holidays ) 10.00 AM

Special Ramadan Timings Sunday – Thursday: 10.00 AM


Booking Terms

All tours have to be booked in advance. Please book in advance preferable 1 week before for groups and 2 days before for individual tourists. For more information and/or to book a tour -


Tour Includes

  • The visit to our unique falconry museum where you get a deep insight in the traditional heritage of falconry with displays of special tools and equipment
  • The insight in falcon registration and their unique falcon passports
  • The visit to the examination room where you will see the precious falcons undergoing e.g. feather repair or “pedicure”. You will experience real life work surrounded by a variety of different falcons.
  • Visit to our large free-flight aviary where falcons are kept and fly free inside.
  • The highlight of the tour will be a unique memory for you. You will have the extraordinary opportunity to take photos with the majestic falcons sitting on your arm.
  • Then you can choose another optional highlight - Arab Lunch. As final highlight you have the opportunity to experience the famous Arab hospitality with a delicious 5-star lunch in our beautiful traditional majilis (Arabian sitting area).
Getting Here

We are located very close (approximately 6 kilometers) from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Taxis are available from all parts of the city as well as all hotels.

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Opening Hours

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