Avian Services


Top Quality Health Care

General Veterinary Services

  • Implantation of microchips (PIT)
  • Application of tailmounts
  • Imping of feathers
  • Coping of talons and beaks
  • Use of conservative and homeopathic/herbal medicines
  • Quarantine facilities for falcons and for sick birds suffering from contagious diseases like Falcon Pox, Newcastle disease etc
  • Issue of health certificates and medical reports depending on the condition of the bird
Routine Health Examinations

ADFH offers routine health examinations for falcons and other birds. Routine general physical examination, sampling of fecal, crop and blood samples help to identify health problems, parasitic infestations and infections at an early stage before the birds actually come to harm from these diseases.

Pre-purchase Examinations for Falcons

ADFH introduced the pre-purchase examinations for falcons as the first falcon hospital in 2004. We offer a complete check-up package for falcons prior to their purchase by their respective owners to ensure that the falcons are free of diseases like Aspergillosis and bumblefoot before the falcons are actually purchased.


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital features two advanced endoscopy units with digital recording facility. Endoscopy is used as routine diagnostic tool and in case of disease symptoms.

Advanced Fracture and Soft Tissue Surgery

ADFH has a state-of-the-art surgery unit that offers surgical services ranging from simple soft-tissue surgery (surgery for keel injuries, surgery for other soft tissues like wing and leg injuries and bumble foot surgery) to the most complex orthopedic surgery for fractures and dislocations.

Ophthalmology Unit

In our advanced ophthalmology unit we diagnose eye disease conditions as 1 out of 3 hunting falcons suffer from eye injuries and diseases.

In-Patient Care

Sick falcons are staying in our in-patient wards for treatment and surveillance. They receive daily medication according to their individual treatment plan. Special feeding plans support their recovery process.

Intensive Care

ADFH has an Intensive Care Unit to provide intensive care to multiple birds at the same time. To enhance the patients’ chances of survival, the ICU provides the most specialized intensive medical support possible.

24 Hours Emergency Service

ADFH has a 24-hour emergency service that responds to birds in critical condition round the clock. In case of an emergency, please contact our emergency hotline number +971507113017.

Specialized Services for Bird and Poultry Farms
  • Routine Consultation and consultation in case of disease outbreaks

Sale of

  • Special vitamins
  • Falcon food (quails, day old chicks, mice)

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