• Dec 22 2022


    Good afternoon 

    I was there yesterday and had a amazing  2 hour falcon tour. It was the highlight of my holiday in abhu dabhi. Dennis the tour guide was amazing. 

    All the staff were amazing and friendly. I have never experienced anything like it before. May the hospital and staff grow from strength to strength. 

    Please do continue to do the amazing work you are doing and educating people. Before I came there ,I knew very little about the falcon.

    After the tour I left feeling very informed, absolutely loved it. Staff are all so friendly and informative. The little owl is adorable 😀 

    Thank you for the highlight of my holiday. 

    Kind Regards

    Haseena Dawood

  • Aug 18 2022


    Hello We came for the 2pm tour on Thursday and just wanted to thank your team for a simply wonderful experience. A special thanks to our guide, Fahad, he was terrific and has a great sense of humour.


    Jo Wright

  • Jun 20 2022

    Pet Care Center

    I found the Pet Care Centre at ADFH a wonderful place to visit. I had recently surrendered many of my pet cats at ADFH and found your services to be really good, especially the good support and guidance of Mr. Lloyd at the reception and Mr. Ramesh who made us absolutely comfortable while we visited the cat shelters with him.

    It was emotionally very difficult to part with so many of my pet cats but the facilities at ADFH for surrendering of pets gave me a good hope and peace of mind. 

    I do hope that my surrendered cats have an excellent future and good health being in ADFH. I also hope that ADFH continues to extend such caring services for many more pets around Abu Dhabi. 

    Thank you ADFH


  • Mar 01 2022

    Pet Care Center

    I wish to than k Doctor Rixon or Rickson for treating my puppies yesterday. After seeing them in the morning and giving them treatment, yesterday at nigh they both had big dead worm (each) in their diapers and there was no more blood. Bless him for saving those helpless souls and bless his kind heart. I wish also to thank the Gentleman that was behind the counter yesterday wearing UAE national clothes. He was kind and thoughtful and although i did not have an appointment he was courteous and understanding to my concern for the health condition of my pups. THANK you. You are honestly the best Vet one could find in the whole UAE

    Lina Abu Sharar

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